Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Weekend.....

Valentine's Weekend was a blast in our house! :.


The girls playing around....Daddy was out with the boys and we decided that while he was gone we'd dress up in our skirts for when he came home! Even more exciting were our Princess shirts that we were able to wear!

Miss Olivia....

We sure do get a lot of wear and tear out of our Toy Story toys...they play with them ALL the time!


I love how we keep getting them new toys and they are still drawn to the 'oldies but goodies'...They still adore their pig and cookie jar toys and the Toy Story toys...cracks me up. Great investments they were/are! :)

Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day....a teaser really, since Spring is so far away. The girls AND Sugar were quite happy that we opened the front door so that they could lay in the sun! :)

While the girls were playing around, Matt and I decided to get some house work down and caught up on some of our shows that we seem to be lagging on these day. So, we folded laundry and watched some Modern Family, and played around with the girls....

Hats sure are a winner for dressing up in our house!

Ah...those $1 fairy wings sure have been a hit...maybe I'll buy them some nicer ones for their birthday this summer!

I finally had to bust out some of their larger size shirts that I had bought this fall....they LOVE their Owl shirt, they spent quite a bit of time this morning walking around going who whooooooooooooooooo. Adorable.

HOwever, after naptime, we had to dress up and wear dresses since it was a 'nice day' we could Celebrate Valentine's Day at Grammy Pat's we are being SPOILED by Grammy....

Olivia and her caterpiller....she has to be a hatchling, as I HATE bugs and she loves them!


Sydney and her puppy...but she and I think it's a bear..Grammy insists that it's a puppy. Yeah, not so sure on that one!

Aunt Zomi is a sucker.....we somehow convinced her to allow us to play bubbles in Grammy's sure was fun though! :)

And to end the weekend's a cute one of us together!

Hope All is Well,

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