Friday, February 18, 2011

Uncle TODD!!!

Came for a visit for President's Day Weekend, and the girls were SO very excited to see him! Sadly, Uncle Todd was in town to see his Dad who was in the hospital and in need of Open Heart Surgery. Boo. Uncle Todd, is actually my step-brother, but after 25+ years, who cares much about that. but we DID have to explain to the girls each day, where Uncle Todd was going and why he didn't get home until later in the evenings. Since I am posting this way after the fact, it's great to point out for Uncle Todd and Uncle Kent that their Dad is doing MUCH better since he had his surgery.

Greeting Uncle Todd...

Being Silly with Uncle Todd....

Uncle Todd is Silly...
Showing off for Uncle Todd..notice their Mikey Mouse stuffed animals...they are going to be VERY excited this summer when we go to DisneyLand with Uncle Todd!

Sydney and Uncle Todd..
Olivia and Uncle Todd....
BLOW a BUBBLE...yeah, Uncle Todd, as uncles are prone to do, started a bad trend of the girls DEMANDING that people blow bubbles with their gum so that they can pop them!

The girls had a great visit with Uncle Todd, he is always welcome to visit and stay with us! One of the main things I love about our house is our suite in the basement where our family can stay when they come visit, it's nice for them to have their own place and it's even nicer that they can stay with us and spend more time with us!


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