Friday, February 18, 2011

A Spring Feb!

We had a little warm up on the books for Presidents weekend, and we all sure did enjoy it it! It was so nice to get the girls outside and play a bit. Reminded me how much I adore warmer weather! It was so nice to get the girls outside a little bit to run off some energy and get some fresh air in the house! It's actually looking like our whole weekend is going to be AMAZING, and it's only Thursday! Yay! Even Sugar was excited, because she knows that warmer weather means WALKS!

Here we are enjoying our snack after Gi-Gi's house....

I quickly unpacked all the girls toys from their winter storage.......

Yeah...I was so hoping you'd forget this trick over the winter....guess not!

Olivia CLEARLY had something important to tell me....I think it was about the rocks that I continuously tell them they cannot pick up or to put back.

Sydney, just climbing around......

WHile the girls shared their tricycle very well together this afternoon, we're DEFINATELY going to have to get another one, hopefully we can find another one for a decent price at the twins club sale this spring!

Sydney pushing Olivia around on the tricycle...I quickly told her not too so that she wouldn't ruin her jeans, but she was having fun at first...she later told me her knees hurt from pushing Livia. Stinker.

Our Thursday afternoon fun, came to an end for dinner time, which was okay with the girls as they were eagerly anticipating Uncle Todd's arrival for the weekend!

Hope All is well!

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