Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chuckie Cheese..a Germ Infested Adventure....

Another 'promise for Potty Training, is that the girls would FINALLY get to go to Chuckie Cheese. You see, there are all these commercials about it on tv AND on the way home from Preschool each Thursday. So, the fascination with Chuckie Cheese has been an on-going experience. So, after venturing out last evening to the Mall and our big Adventures at Build-A-Bear, we set off today for Chuckie Cheese. The girls, of course had a blast, while I had an anxiety attack thinking/worrying about all the millions of diseases they could/would catch while there, because despite the whole use hand sanitizer when you first walk in, I am sure there are a million + diseases living on all the rides and climbing equipment...oh well, guess if they catch something, we're not coming back! :)

The girls had a blast! Also, since I'm posting this past when we actually went, I'm proud to note that we thankfully didn't catch any crazy diseases from chuckie cheese....this time! :)

Hope all is well,

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