Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dare I say....Potty Trained???

WELL, it looks like it was/is finally time that we officially admit that our girls are potty trained, only during the day, but man, am I greatful! We just realized the other day that we haven't had an accident in WEEKS, So, we discussed what we should do for a reward. The longest time ago, it was requested that we get a Vidia doll (a fairy from Tinkerbell), but Matt and I kind of felt that they deserved a little bit more exciting, we took the girls out to dinner at the Galleria and to check out the Disney store (really so I could scope what they had in preparation for the big After-Thanksgiving Day sales. While there, we took the girls to Build-a-Bear for the first time ever and they were able to pick a stuffed animal to make as part of their Potty-Training Reward....of course given that it's ALMOST the holiday season AND we saw Santa at the Mall, they chose to make a cute, and he talks (not so cute in the middle of the night), but hey, their choice!

Now to start working on night-time fun!

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