Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

....Halloween this year, dawned on a Monday, which is fine and all, but man, working the day after Halloween, especially when you have little kiddos who are into trick or treating, is ROUGH!

 My mom watched the girls for us today (typically Monday's are Neena and PaPa's days, but they were in FL for their annual trek). THIS, was what the girls made with my mom today...FRENCH FRIED EYEBALLS...the girls LOVED them and were super excited to take them next door to the Halloween Party.

 -They also sang the crazy "Halloween" song that my mom taught them (that she sang when she was a little girl)..she said that people used to sing songs instead of telling jokes...interesting. Even more interesting was that Mr. Bob's mom AND Mr. Bob knew the song as well...pretty funny. Guess Grammy isn't all that insane! :)

Here we are modeling our Dorothy costumes and getting ready to go to Mr. Bob's Halloween Party before Trick or Treating!
 We've taken to calling ALL of our stuffed dogs (and there certainly are a lot) Toto...hilarious.
 Daddy...all dressed and ready to trick or treat with his girls!
 Mommy and her girls....
 A family picture for Halloween, minus Mommy's witch costume from Uncle Ben's party.....
 Sydney and Angie....
 Ms. Rhonda and the girls....this year she was a Queen....she LOVES Halloween and thus, I suspect is the driving force behind Mr. Bob's yearly Halloween party! The things we do for love!

 The super spooky talking head/candy bowl. The girls were fascinated by it!

 After bathtime, the girls' had us light the pumpkins so they could see them glow...sadly, that was the last night of our pumpkins as I discovered the next morning that some jerko kids smashed our pumpkins up. Made me so mad and upset that this happned inour neighborhood. :( They certainly were cool looking.

Happy Halloween...maybe next year we can actually be something different from each other! :)

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