Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rock Solid Immune System!

So apparently, I (Matt) am the only one in this family who has a rocking immune system. I've remarked that over the past 3 months, I'm the only one in this family who has not been sick or spent some time at the doctor or hospital receiving some sort of medical treatment... this includes both new kids and both dogs! Well, it happened again today.

Seems that Jeni called mid-day to tell me (tearfully) that she thinks she's getting sick. She had slept in this morning (under my instructions) and then made her way just before noon to Clayton to do some business with the County offices (something about personal property receipts). Apparently on her way home she started feeling not-so-good. She then called me to inform me of this and instruct me to bring home a thermometer because she suspected she had a fever.

So I swung by Walgreens and picked up a themometer... Sure enough, she's running around 100 degree temperature. Doesn't sound like much, but Jeni usually actually runs lower than the standard 98.6.

Finding out she's got a temp, Jeni was obviously crushed knowing that she couldn't go see the girls today. So, I packed up the milk from today and went down to see them alone.

Arriving at the NICU, our nurse informed me that Sydney had a surprise for me. Naturally, I'm thinking it's a lovely poopy diaper and it's time for a changing. To my pleasant surprise, Sydney looked different! She was off of her cannulas! (No more nose tubes!) Very exciting! She still has the feeding tube that goes in through her nose, but it's tiny!

It's really great that we can actually see little steps of progress as they get closer and closer to being able to come home.

Olivia is still being a bit of a lazy breather. They decided to put her back on humidity last night and is still on a very low oxygen setting.

Both girls had gained a little more weight and are both within a few ounces of being over the 3 pound mark!

So I spent some time with the girls changing diapers and watching them receive their afternoon feedings. I tucked them in and told them goodnight as I headed home.

Jeni was asleep when I got back (and still is right now). Hopefully she'll recover soon from her 'bug' (as her OB referred to it) and she can see the girls tomorrow.

As usual, it did get some pictures in of the the girls while I was visiting.


Here's Sydney (without her cannulas)... As the nurse said, "I knew she was cute before, but she's even cuter without those in her nose!" WE AGREE! :)

Olivia is modeling her new outfit that says "This is my little black dress." Another outfit from Grandma Pat.

More to come Wednesday!


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  1. Jeni,
    Hope you are feeling better soon. REST!!!!


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