Monday, July 28, 2008

Sleep is for the Weak.....

And since I'm so uncreative (probably due to my lack of sleep or desire to be doing that just now), I am stealing the title of our blog for tonight from Sydney's onesie that she wore last night! As I've said previously and will continue to suggest, I really really wish that we could STORE our sleep! God, would that be nice when the babies come home? I could seriously use some of that right now. I mean, come on, I've been on bedrest since May 16th. I could have some SERIOUS sleep banked by now if that were possible.

Olivia agreeing that sleep is for the weak, in her new outfit for the day!

Sydney, also agreeing, in her new outfit for the day!

Today was a great day! :) I was actually banned from the NICU (by Matt) until this afternoon so that I could catch up on some sleep. And believe it or not, I didn't argue about it. You see, I was EXHAUSTED yesterday (not that I am not tired now), but seriously yesterday hit a new low in my life. So, this morning, I stayed home, napped in between pumpings and did some fabulously fun house chores like going to the grocery store. FUN TIMES. First time I've been to Dierbergs since the first week in May (sadly the week I was put on bedrest I hadn't been to the store, poor Matt must have been starving then)!

Anyway, I arrived at the NICU around 2:30 and introduced my Aunt Nancy and Uncle John, who were in town for the weekend from where they live down south (Eagle Rock, MO), to the girls! They gave the girls some adorable knitted hats which I'm sure will be featured in a ton of upcoming pictures! It was, and continues to be cute to see our family react to the little girls. They were able to see me change Miss Olivia's diaper and then her entire outfit. It is a chore with all of those wires and the fact that as tiny as they are, they do have big heads. So I struggled with getting all the wires through the head of the onesie and THEN her little bitty head. Poor baby, not too happy with that. :(

Sydney's old outfit....says...SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

Olivia's old outfit....says DOES THIS DIAPER MAKE MY BUTT LOOK BIG?

**Believe it or not, these onesie's are PREEMIE onesies, they are just not as small as the Carter's ones that the girls are wearing in the pictures at the beginning of the blog. :) These are part of the 'loot' that Grandma Pat brought them this weekend, so that they don't have to be naked babies any more!

Both girls are gaining weight... Today Olivia was 2lbs, 14oz and Sydney was 2lbs, 10.5oz. YAY girls, keep it up. I also got to join (quite by accident) the Doctors this afternoon when they did rounds on the girls... I was actually invited to come back... Apparently some of the members of the team think I am fun. It had mainly to do with me complimenting one of our Doctors on her new hair cut. I added a little life to what is typically boring rounds!

After rounds, Matt arrived and I was able to have some no stress practice (again) with the girls. This is pretty much my new standard activity with the girls in the NICU! So, if you wonder what I'm doing while I am there I do the following: Changing diapers and clothes, pumping, taking pictures (my favorite part, next to holding the girls), holding the girls, and practicing nursing. Fun times. Don't get me wrong, I love all of it.

Scary, I love changing diapers... I think it mostly has to do with the fact that it is one of the very FEW things that I can actually do for the girls right now.

I also made some new 'friends' in the NICU today... I met another couple who also has twins, who have 1 baby in the NICU and another who was able to go home from the beginning. I met them because I had 'stroller envy' and had to ask about their stroller... It was super cool AND it is supposed to (I say supposed to b/c it does depend on weights of babies when they are older), last until they are 5 years old AND it carries carseats (like our snap n go does)... It was cool, so I think I've found our next stroller. Sadly it's $199, but if it lasts until they are 5, I guess it's worth it. We'll see what Matt has to say about it later. :) I so wish money grew on trees, know what I mean? Sadly, though I'm MORE than willing to spend it if it's a great stroller... Nothing is too good for our girls and I want the BEST there is out there, within reason (I cannot afford $1k strollers like celebrities can). Meeting this couple (who is from around the Rolla area), just makes me realize how very fortunate we are to live in STL. Their story, like many others in the NICU is heartbreaking. I don't know how families from out of town do it. Thankfully, we have places like the Ronald McDonald House to make their lives just a little bit easier. I swear when we are done paying for daycare, I'm going to make a big donation to that place, they are seriously awesome.

We left around 7:15 and came home where I prepared a very difficult meal of pasta, strawberry salad, and garlic bread... Matt on the other hand had to give Cassius a bath (for the second day in a row) after his 'accident' in his cage. Poor baby... And to think he was only in it for 5 1/2 hours. I so hope he's alright. Accidents like this are unusual for him. Guess it's a good thing that I'm sleeping 'late' again tomorrow. I hate to see him distressed and upset like that AND I hate that Matt, after a long day at work has to clean that up.

I call this series of pictures...NO DADDY!!!



Hope all is well.


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