Saturday, August 2, 2008

Little Miss Fussy Pants....

While Matt (and I) pretty generally call the girls Sweetie/Sweetie Pie/Cutie, etc. Today, the nickname of the day, courtesy of Matt, was Little Miss Fussy Pants. This was in reference to Little Miss Sydney who had herself ALL worked up when it was time to get her diaper changed AND a new outfit. Poor baby got herself SOOOOOOOOO worked up that we had to take her out and give her some time cuddling with her daddy before she practiced breastfeeding with her mommy (which she was too tuckered out to even do b/c of her little fit), but it was good to have mommy cuddling time too. At least she practiced with her paci, which she loves and Matt discovered makes a great soother for her....thus many of tonight's (well, today's since I'm posting this on Sat and not Friday night) will feature the girls with their Paci's.

Our Little Miss Fussy Pants... before and after a wardrobe change...

And Our Little Lazy Breather

Today was a crazy busy, tiring day. I went into work to work on cleaning out my office. Yeah, I didn't get too much accomplished, so I'll be going back this week to finish. It was weird. The weirdest part was pumping in my office and hearing other people have conversations RIGHT outside my door. Despite the 'do not disturb' sign and the paper covering the door, I was still paranoid someone would 'break in'. Not going to happen, but a little anxiety causing. I, of COURSE, took some pictures along (b/c I knew that I would be executed if I didn't bring them), and everyone thought the girls were adorable (which they are)! I was able to officially meet my new boss (which was nice and she seems awesome), so that made me pretty happy. Overall, it was great to see everyone, but a VERY tiring day for me. I realized very quickly (okay about 2 hours in) that I was not as 'healed' as I thought I was. My incision site HURT (and still hurts today) and let me know that I completely and totally over did it. :( BUT, I did get to talk to our former NEA President who told me that I would be eligible to apply for the sick leave bank when the girls come home from the hospital, so I may not have to take much, if any time off unpaid, which would be SOOOOOOOOOOO very nice for Matt and I. So after visiting work, I was home by 2 to pump again and then off to see the girls for the evening.

Girl news (some of this is actually today's news since they were weighed before we left last night)....Olivia weighs 3 lbs 2.5oz, and Sydney weighs 2lb 13.5 oz! YAY we are gaining weight. I'm so happy. :) Sydney and I worked on eating (well, not really) so we'll be practicing again today. I need to talk to the nurses about getting them on a different eating schedule so that I can practice with both of them several times a day. This eating at the same time thing STINKS. Sydney had some more bloody poop issues, so we're wondering the cause AGAIN. The Dr's are not as worried this time, but still doing tests on the poor kid. We're now wondering if MAYBE she's lactose intolerant to the small amount of dairy that I CAN actually eat, so we'll see. It's something to talk to the Dr's about today. I can't take credit for this theory, it's all Lisa (our nurse from last's night's theory), after she had to listen to me dying from HORRIBLE gas issues related to MY lactose intolerance issues... I forgot I can't eat Dairy Queen (which they serve in the cafeteria at the hospital and Matt got for us to split) OR it was the cheese on the pizza I had. We missed the sandwich station, which tragically lead to cheese pizza for dinner. Needless to say, I now carry Rolaids in my bag to the hospital. Olivia is still struggling with her Oxygen issues. Basically she's fine during the day, but at night (when she's breathing VERY shallowly), she has many destats (which Lisa reported this AM that she didn't have ANY last night...yay!).

More of Olivia Kay

And Sydney Ann...

The last event of the night is the most depressing of all. Did you know that the mall (well, West County at least) NOW closes at 9 pm. That STINKS, and completely ticks me off. So, needless to say, I was able to spend 20 minutes at the mall, which amounted to going into ONE store. But at least I was able to get the 1 thing I needed the most. I guess, unless I get back there this weekend, I'll continue wearing maternity tops (ICKY, since they are all getting VERY worn and several have holes)....oh well. STINKS to be me.

Hope all is well!


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  1. The girls look great!

    This blog just shows how not ready I am to have kids...haha.

    No, but congrats Jeni & Matt, can't wait to see you guys (and the babies) at Christmas time.

    -Tyler K


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