Thursday, July 31, 2008

We're 3 Weeks/33 Weeks TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And still as adorable as always (not that I am biased).

So, today the babies are 33 weeks gestation (a big deal in the NICU) and 3 weeks old! Today also, is the day that they officially started being monitored by their new team of doctors, whom I met this afternoon. They seem awesome; what more can one really say about Children's doctors?

We reviewed/discussed the rules needed for the girls to come home: 1. eat on own, 2. maintain own body temperature (which they are doing right now, but need to be able to do in an open air crib as well, which they will not get until they are 1800 grams or 4 lbs), and 3. breathe on their own (Sydney has this mastered, but Olivia is struggling with this so far...she was put back on her 2 liters of Oxygen last night again). I did tell them (the Dr's) that I was aware that most NICU babies don't get to come home until their due date (Sept 18th in the case of our girls), and that if they came home earlier it was like a bonus, which they were happy to hear b/c a lot of parents ask this question. Our new Dr. asked if I was going to be able to go back to work and take my maternity leave after the girls came home, which unfortunately I am NOT because of some stupid Hazelwood policy. Oh well. That's why Matt and I are going to be VERY poor because I'm going to be out longer than the district will allow me so that I can be home with the babies when they actually get to come home.

Next week, well any time after next Thursday, we are going to start working with the babies on eating from a bottle. However, I was warned that it could take up to 2-3 weeks before they master this talent due to the suck reflex developing ANY time between 34-36 weeks.

In other news, the girls gained weight today. Olivia weighed in at 3 lbs and Sydney weighed in at 2lb 11oz (remember Olivia is still on the fortifier to help her gain weight, Sydney is off it because it gave her bathroom issues, BUT they have upped Sydney's feeds to 29ml (while Olivia is on 25 ml) to help her gain weight. Also, today we had to retire ANOTHER hat for Olivia (the girl's head just keeps growing. Sydney can still wear her cute yellow hat, that is if her dumb mother (who is writing this blog and can say that about herself), hadn't knocked it out of her isolette, so it needs to be washed). So, Olivia is now wearing one of hats made by my Aunt Nancy's NICU lady (purple and pink), but Sydney had to get a new hat from our NICU because her head is still too petite. I'm washing her hat tonight, so that she can wear it again)!

Sydney in hat #1

...and hat #2

Olivia modeling yet another hat out of her isolette...

And the same hat while sleeping...

Grandma Sharon (who gave me a ride to the NICU), Grandma Pat, Uncle Mike, and Aunt Nozomi ALL came to visit today, so it was a VERY busy day for the babies! Grandma Pat was lured down to the NICU with the promise that she could hold a baby. And since Grandma Sharon held Olivia on Saturday, Grandma Pat got to hold Sydney today. Sadly, mommy didn't get to hold Sydney today....but that's okay, her time out today was with Grandma who LOVED holding her. It's very cute to watch our parents with the babies. I have NO DOUBT in my mind that they are going to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo spoiled. Oh well, as long as they are not brats (like some of my relatives were when they were little).

Sydney working on her pacifier...

Olivia snoozing and ready for a diaper change...

Grandma Pat holding Sydney

Olivia hanging out with her mom

Other than this, not too much happened today. Tomorrow I'm going to work in the morning to get some stuff done. Fun times! And then I'll be heading down to the NICU to spend time with my babies! I know that Matt is looking forward to the weekend, which is supposed to be HOT. Maybe we'll get some tax free shopping in...who am I kidding!? I can barely make it to Target to get things we need for the house, much less make it to the mall. Plus, everything I do needs to be in 2 hour increments. :) Maybe we'll get some sleep in this weekend!

Well, I'm off to bed!

Hope all is well!


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  1. Matt and Jeni. Congratulations on the birth of the girls. I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge their presence, but I just learned about the blog 2 days ago. Jeni, coming from a mother of two girls, life is going to be a blast from her on out (shopping, ganging up on dad) Jeni, can you see it, shoes, handbags and clothes galore). Matt, I can just hear you saying, "Lord have mercy on me in this house with all of these women, and asking, is there any room for my shirt (that you will get to purchase once a year)?" The girls are beautiful. Take care and thanks for starting the blog, it's great to be there without really being there. God Bless!

    Kim LaGrand-Moorehead


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