Sunday, July 27, 2008

Long Day, Dark Knight...

Since we know that our days of having a somewhat flexible schedule are numbered, Jeni and I are making an effort to keep having a few 'dates'. We are attempting to get in some extra hours of sleep and also spend time with just the 2 of us doing things like dinner (without a drive-through and paper napkins) and catching an occasional movie. Last week we saw 'Mamma Mia' for our anniversary. This weekend I needed some more testosterone in our movie choice, so we planned our Sunday around seeing the new Batman flick, 'The Dark Knight'.

Our morning started with us rising and heading down to see the girls at around 10:30. We arrived to find that Olivia had gained another ounce, while Sydney was basically the same. We spent some quality time with the girls and Jeni had lunch. Soon after, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Rick arrived to visit them as well. We got some good pics of the girls together with Jeni, finally. You'll see this adorable picture of them together in the same picture for the first time!

We left the hospital and headed to the theater. We arrived just in time to get some popcorn and drink before the film started. Wow! Great movie! Jeni noted, and I agreed, it's a little long, but not so long that you want it to end. It's just a little longer than the standard 2 hours. And with Jeni being on a regular 2 1/2 hours schedule of pumping, I could tell she was really ready for the movie to be over... :)

We made it home and Jeni took care of her mommy business before we headed back out to the hospital.

There, we hung around for the girls' afternoon/evening feeding and Jeni got some practice time in with Sydney. She's going to be our slow-starter on the breastfeeding I'm afraid. Honestly, neither girl has picked up the concept totally yet, but Olivia seems to know what she's doing. Sydney just doesn't seem that interested.
So after some quality time there tonight, we drug our exhausted selves back out to the car and headed home. Like I said earlier, we are committed to getting in some extra sleep while the girls are still at the hospital... Now if someone could just explain where we get these extra hours from in which to fit them in...

Oh well. Another week starts tomorrow!

Until then, here are some shots from today and some from late yesterday... Enjoy!

Sydney covering her ears...

Mugging for the camera...

Grandma Pat came to visit.

Another Family Photo!

Jeni and her two girls...

The first photos of the girls together.

Wearing Mom & Dad's rings.




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