Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Shoot...

'Cause we are gosh darned cute! :)

Today, I spent the morning with the girls (I'm taking over the AM food run)...this is what greeted me when I arrived at 7:45 can one help but not adore this!?
Sydney (in a new outfit, that didn't last her too long)!

this is my NEW outfit for the day! :) (Also from Great Aunt Sissy)...too bad she's swaddled so you can't see how cute the outfit is!

Olivia in her new outfit for the day...thanks to her Great Aunt Sissy!

Stop Mommy! We're tired!

While I was there I ran into Dr. Harris on rounds...Olivia is off her high humidity and doing wonderfully and Sydney's bloody poop is gone. He said, "your girls look fabulous, I'm very happy with their progress!" Thanks, we are too, now we just can't wait to get them home. I'm already sleep deprived as it is, they might as well come home and be part of the process! :)

Hope all is well, we're off to visit the girls again before going out to dinner with friends!


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