Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

It's amazing to know that many of our blog readers were with us 5 years ago yesterday (since I'm writing this a little after midnight) to celebrate our marriage. I cannot even believe that it's been 5 years or that we actually have our adorable little girls ALREADY (b/c they were so early).

Yesterday was a crazy, busy day for Matt and I. We started off with breakfast with my mom and Aunt Judy, who came over with bagels from Panera Bread and a BIG gift for the girls. You see, Mom and Aunt Judy went on their annual summer trip to the lake and apparently spent their ENTIRE weekend buying 0-3 month sleepers and gowns for the girls, so that when they can eventually fit in those clothes, added with the ones we already have, have a VERY EXTENSIVE wardrobe of adorable clothes. So, the moral of the story...we do not need ANY more 0-3 months clothes! 3 months, or 3-6 or 6-9, we have practically none of those. Their clothes seem so very little until you put up the preemie clothes that we have next to them. So cute I tell you, as well as little!

After breakfast we went to see the girls and then off to see 'Mamma Mia' at the Chase Park Plaza movie theater. Great movie, I really enjoyed it! After that, we ran home to spend some time with the Boxers and change for dinner at Charlie Gittos on the Hill. Dinner was excellent (and we even have left overs). :) After dinner we went back to the NICU until 10 pm, when 2 very tired and exhausted parents went home for the evening. Matt stayed 'up' with me in the living room until I finished my last pumping at 2:30 a.m. and then we both went to bed...until I woke at 6 for my next pumping.

Our 5th anniversary was awesome! In honor of our anniversary, we had the nurse take our first family photo.

In baby news, the girls each gained 1/2 an ounce, which is pretty good considering how rapidly they gained weight earlier in the week! Sydney is doing wonderfully, YAY! Olivia, well, she had a green booger... SOOOOOOOOO, she appears sick, but is not sick according to her labs. As a result, both girls are in 'isolation', meaning we cannot continue to open their isolettes all the time to touch them... Well, Matt and I can, but other visitors are being shunned from doing that by the NICU. :( Really, the only time Matt and I will be doing that is during big baby fits (which happen less and less), and for their nightly Kangaroo care (which typically lasts 30 minutes - 1 hour long). This is a minor setback for Olivia, and while she appears sick (green booger, more rapid breathing, more restless), she is not officially sick yet, so they are just being cautious. They are continuing to talk about moving them both back to MoBap when they are both 'healthier' and bigger, mainly b/c their census at Children's is soooooooooo high! They are past capacity and have more babies than they have ever had before (as in when they were over capacity previously)... They currently are caring for 77 babies, which doesn't count babies that get moved from the NICU to other ICU'S in the hospital (like cardiac, etc).

Here are fun pictures from today:

Little Miss Olivia...

Sleeping with her hands over her head. Isn't she a diva?

Getting handed over to dad for some kangaroo care...

All warm and comfy.

Snug as a bug in a rug...

Little Miss Sydney.....

A little close-up time with Mom...

Sydney keeping two close eyes on everything...

Looks quite content doesn't she?

Sydney and Mom & Dad

I hope everyone had a fabulous, COOL Saturday! :) It's a hot one out there I tell you! At least the hospital has GREAT air conditioning!


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