Thursday, July 24, 2008

2 Weeks! We have Progress!

So today the girls are 2 weeks old. To me it seems like it's flown by and they are still so tiny, but just looking at them today I can see that they have changed quite a bit in just 14 days. I went back and looked at the pictures from the day of their birth (is that still called their 'birthday'?) and I can see lots of changes.

We did see more progress today in both girls. Olivia has put on some more weight, which is great. She is up to 2lbs, 11oz. Sydney is up to 2lbs, 9oz. While Sydney has always been slightly smaller than Olivia, the difference in their weight gain is probably due to the fact that they suspended feeding Sydney yesterday when they noticed the blood in her stool. She had it again today, but the doctors seem confident that it isn't anything serious. They've done an ultrasound AND an x-ray on her belly and do not see any issues. The nurses & doctors tell us that they suspect maybe it is simply a reaction to the fortifier that they've been adding to the breast milk that is causing the blood. We are praying this is the case. The doctors are keeping an eye on it.

In more developments, Olivia is officially wearing clothes! :) She has progressed to controlling her own body temperature and thus can be dressed in a onesie and a blanket. VERY CUTE! What's amazing is that even in her preemie size onesie, she's a little too small for it. The sleeves are just a little too big... Oh, well. She'll grow into it. And, we need to make a trip to Babies R Us to see if they have any more preemie sized clothes. It amazes me that they only have one rack of preemie clothes and if you have a girl, you better like pink. If you have a preemie boy, you better like blue... Cuz thats all they have. I know, I know... There's always the internet for more of a selection... I guess I'm going with the theory that they really won't be in preemie sizes very long and we definitely have PLENTY of newborn and 0-3month sized stuff (thanks to shower gifts and hand-me-downs).

So, Jeni had to hang out at the house this morning for the A/C repairman to come and do his job. Then, the Mazda dealership came and picked her up (very cool of them) after my car was finished being repaired. She drove down and hung out with the girls for most of the afternoon. She even got some "practice" time in with Olivia at breastfeeding. It's still early for the girls to be graduating to actual feeding, but its a good time to practice and just to do some nuzzling.

I got down to the hospital around 5 and was happy to see my girls. Jeni hung out for a while and spent some time doing some kangaroo care with Sydney. After that, Jeni packed up her stuff and headed out. I stayed behind and held Olivia while she received her afternoon feeding. Some good father-daughter bonding time was nice. :)

I left the hospital around 7:30 and made it home where Jeni was cooking up some dinner! Ah, how I've missed home-cooked meals the last 2 months! At least home-cooked by someone other than me....

So overall it was a good day for the girls! I'm hoping by Monday at the latest we have two 3 pound girls in clothes! Just think, in no time they'll be coming home. :)

And now.... More pictures!


She's keeping one eye on you...

All snuggled up.

Being shy...

All dressed up and no place to go...

Can you tell I'm proud?

Making faces at her dad...

And Sydney!

Sleeping. Her favorite hobby.

"Whatchoo lookin' at?"

Is that a sneaky smirk, or what?

Mom is proud too...

Sydney deep in thought.

"Dad, you're friggin hilarious!"

More updates on the cutest babies on Earth coming tomorrow...

Until then...


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