Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Promise is a Promise..even if it's Painful.....

I guess I'd better finish that statement BEFORE I write more....I'd promised Matt that we could have an 'early' night at the NICU, so we planned on leaving around 5 or 5:30 last night, which STUNK. We didn't leave until 6pm, but I could have EASILY stayed another 2-3 hours with the babies. No time is ever enough for me, even if I just sit in their NICU room and knit or read, at least I'm there with them and when they cry or their monitors go off, I can respond.

Also, I must apologize for the tardiness of this blog, I was tired last night, and Matt was tired! So, I figured since I'd be home waiting for the air conditioner people to show that I'd just blog today. Big mistake, I'm sorry I've disappointed some of you. :(

Baby News...It sounds as if they are continuing forward with the idea of transferring the girls back to the Special Care nursery at MoBap sometime next week. I'm not so happy about this and neither is Matt, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm going to sic Matt on the neonatologist about leaving the girls here for another couple weeks or so. I do know that as long as Olivia remains on 2 liters of Oxygen, that they absolutely cannot transfer her back, AND they had previously promised me that there is NO way they will separate them. Which is good news. What I love the most about Children's is the fact that the girls have their OWN room and we have our OWN nurse, at MoBap it will NOT be like that since they'll be in ONE big room with other babies and I don't feel as if they will have as personalized care as they get here. :(

It appears (and I only say this b/c the results from their cultures are not back yet), that Olivia's cold is gone and that Sydney doesn't really have one either. BUT I'm still paranoid and we are not opening their isolettes as much as we had been previously. It's painful, but it's the best for them. :( We, as adults need to remember that what is NOTHING to use is a major concern for the babies, and I do NOT want them to get sick (again).

We did take both girls out of their isolettes yesterday so that we could do some more kangaroo care time. That's my FAVORITE part of my visits, I love holding the girls! I know that many of you who are already moms and dads know what I mean when I say holding your own baby cannot be compared to ANYTHING in the world. The emotions you feel are amazing and completely overwhelming. WE decided not to take any pics tonight of kangaroo care...sadly, Miss Olivia has outgrown her adorable multicolored hat, sooooooo we're going to have to get a new hat as the preemie ones that Matt bought at STILL too big. Poor little girl! :) Sydney's hat STILL fits, so we're good with that one. Both girls are weighing in at 2lbs, 8oz, which is good. I'd like 3 lb babies by next Tues/Wed if we can, and I've even talked to the girls about this as well. :)

The girls are continuing to have occasional A's and B's, which is a minor concern, the good part is that they rarely have to be stimulated to bring their heart rates up OR to remember to breathe. Which is a VERY good thing. Sometimes their A's and B's are related to the locations of their monitors OR to how deeply they are sleeping and the fact that the monitors just aren't picking up their breathing patterns b/c they are breathing so deeply while they are alseep, which is MOST of their day! :)

Also, we no longer have umbilical cords! Sydney actually lost hers on Sunday evening and Olivia's came off yesterday when I was changing her diaper. :) So, now we get to see little belly buttons and they are soooooooooooo very cute!

Today we were supposed to get our new airconditioner installed, but they had to call this AM and ask if they could come this afternoon (apparently the installer's power went out and he overslept)! However, since I have my 10 day checkup with my Dr's office today, I had to reschedule for Thursday, which means I'm stuck here at home all by my lonesome until my 3:30 appointment and the babies are all alone at Children's. :( Well, Daddy did get to see them this morning when he dropped off some of their food for them, which made me jealous. He reported that Miss Sydney was WIDE awake when he got there!

God I cannot WAIT to drive, can you believe it's been over 10 weeks since I've last driven? The only other time, since I got my license that its been this long since I drove, was when I was in Europe. Craziness I tell you. I think I'm going to have to enter one of those radio contests for free gas for the month so that I can drive back and forth a couple times a day so that the Boxers aren't left alone for too long. Ever since Cassius came back from the clinic at MU, we've had some issues being in the cage for more than 6 hours at a time and it's getting annoying to have to wash his bed every night, and it's not good for him OR Sugar to be in their cages that long.

Well, here are some pics of our sleeping beauties....
Miss Sydney....

Miss Olivia....

Until Later!

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