Friday, July 25, 2008

TGIF...We're BOTH wearing Clothes now!

It's official, we no longer have naked/diapers only babies! :) Yesterday, Olivia started wearing clothes and today, Sydney was able to wear clothes too. Which is exciting, but because they are so small means that I had to go purchase some MORE preemie clothes, which sadly are too big still. So, off on the preemie clothes hunt I went today. DId you know that NOT very many stores sell preemie clothes, it's darned inconvenient. So, I ultimately ended up at Babies R Us and made another contribution to their company, I think we need to buy stock in them. So, now the girls have some more preemie clothes, plus the ones my mom was buying this evening at Walmart. :)

It's so funny to see them in clothes, you wouldn't think that a 2 ounce difference would mean that much, but Sydney's clothes are SOOOOOO much bigger on her than Olivia's are (even though they are the same size onesies from the same exact pack of Carter's preemie onesies). Of course I think they have different body types, since Olivia has a belly on her now and Sydney doesn't. It's so gosh darned adorable, the belly that is, and of course THEY are adorable. We get compliments ALL the time on how cute the girls are, I think they get paid extra if they comment on how cute our babies are!
Sydney in her first outfit!
Olivia, just before her diaper change!

Today, when I got to the NICU, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Rick were visiting. Apparently Grandma Sharon was partaking in her new favorite hobby...taking pics of the girls...which I'm sure are MUCH more fun now that they are dressed. :) After Grandma and Grandpa left, I spent some time just 'hanging' with the girls, and then we 'practiced' breastfeeding again. Olivia latched on like a champ and even got to eat a little bit, Sydney latched too, but not for too long (which is better than nothing). This is what we are going to work on pretty much every day that I go visit them!

So, other' news...both girls are now eating more! Olivia is up to 24mils of breastmilk plus the fortifer (so that she'll gain weight)...Sydney is OFF the fortifer (as they think this is what's causing her issue), SO in order to help her gain weight faster they have upped her feeds to 26 mils. Darn...just when I thought I was going to get even more ahead! :) Oh well. I guess I'll be driving down to Children's EVERY morning for quite some time (at least until my supply is much higher) to make sure they have food for each of their feedings). YES, I know they could have formula and be more than okay, TONS of babies are formula fed (heck 3/4's of my friends were formula fed and A LOT of my friend's babies have been formula fed after awhile). BUT because they are so preemie it is so very important that they have mamma's milk with the antibodies, etc in it so that they are healthier and have more immunities. Which leads me to today's drama.

Our drama today is...Matt had a migraine. Sure, no big deal, UNTIL we find out that they suspect that his boss's son is suspected of having viral menegitis (poor kid he's only 5). Okay, so WHAT does this mean for the babies...well, needless to say we BOTH freaked a little bit! Matt decided NOT to come see the girls today (partially b/c his head hurt (the migraine is gone now), and partially because he wanted to stay away in case he was a carrier of this disease, even though he's had MINIMAL contact with his boss this week). So, after hearing this, I talked to our fabulous nurse of the week (Lori), who told me that we probably didn't have much to worry about, especially since the babies get breast milk, but that I should still talk to their Dr. So, Dr. Harris and I talked, he told me that he wasn't terribly concerned because it was VIRAL menegitis, any other form of menegitis and he'd be very concerned. He too, commented that because they are on breastmilk that we're pretty much in the clear. BUT that he wanted to hear what Matt's boss's son is ultimately diagnosed with AND that should Matt still have his migraine tomorrrow he wanted him to go to the ER to get checked out. Thankfully, by the time I made it home tonight his migraine was gone!

Tonight, we're going to hang out! We're currently watching the Cardinals get their butt's kicked by the Mets, and I see a nap or two in my future, since all I do these days is nap, well and pump. One day, maybe in like 2 years I'll get to sleep for more than 2-4 hours at a time! And I need to finish some Thank You cards for gifts we've received for the girls...sure I have tons more things I need to do, but for now, these are all I'm going to work on! Matt, I'm sure will continue to play withe GPS system that he bought 'us' for our 5th anniversary (aka for me since I'm directionally challenged and quote "since I'm driving his babies around he doesn't want me getting lost")!

Hope all is well!


  1. "Directionally challenged" is a kind way of saying, "You couldn't find your --tt in the dark with both hands!" Love you!

  2. Directionally challenged is putting it mildly .....


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