Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Or Center of Attention, I'm not sure what to call it. However, the girls are suffering from it. Thanks Matt, they get this from you, you know that, right?

So, last week the big issue was Miss Olivia and her green booger/cold. Then they thought they both may have a cold...turns out neither did. THIS week, our big issue is going to be Miss Sydney and her bloody poop. After extensive testing and stopping her 2 morning feeds, the Dr's and head radiologist at Children's ruled out the WORST possible thing it could be... some weird stomach/bowel disease called NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). I'm not really going to spend a lot of time describing it, but one of the signs of this is bloody poop and little Miss Sydney had that this am. After ruling out NEC, they are not sure what caused her bloody poop issues, and are keeping a VERY close eye on her to make sure she doesn't develop NEC.

I think they just don't want to leave Children's! They, like mommy and daddy, REALLY like their little room.

Olivia is back on 1 liter of humidity (down from her 2 liters), but keeps fighting staying on 1liter, so we'll see what happens with her. She definitely does NOT like it when her sister gets more attention than she does (not that they really know, but it's funny that right after Sydney OR Olivia gets attention the other sister gets fussy).

Today PaPa Gale (Matt's Dad) drove me to the NICU. It was so cute to watch him with 'his' little girls. You can tell he is fascinated with them!

Matt's car is STILL in the shop and best be coming home tomorrow so that I can get my hair cut on Friday morning. I look a fright! :P Tomorrow our air conditioning is supposed to be fixed, which means less time for me with the girls. :( Stinks to be me, I tell you. :(

Matt got to the NICU around 4:30 as usual. Today, however I shocked him by saying, "Hey, let's go home soon b/c I am exhausted." So, we left around 5:45 and I shocked him even more by making dinner and using some of the yummy vegetables that Matt's Dad brought us from his garden (including the LARGEST zucchini I have ever seen in my life).

We spent the rest of the night with me napping on the couch and pumping and Matt playing his baseball game.

Here are some more pictures of our adorables......

Olivia sleepin it up...

And Sydney being wide awake...

Later, I'm off to nap until I pump at 11:45pm.


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  1. Sorry I haven't posted this before, but I just want to say that you have two beautiful baby girls! I'm truly happy for the both of you and the girls! Twins are a wonderful blessing, aren't they :) (I say that since I can relate :)


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